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Temporary Cash Assistance

*** Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Information ***

Dorchester County COVID-19 Information

Dorchester County is in Phase 3 of Maryland's Vaccination Plan. All adults are eligible. Schedule an appointment for the Moderna vaccine at the Dorchester County Health Department.

If you would like for us to call you to schedule a vaccination appointment, please fill out our interest form: COVID-19 Vaccine Interest Form
(Interés por la vacuna COVID-19)

To remove your name from our vaccine interest list, please complete this form: Unsubscribe from Vaccine Interest List

Did you lose your COVID-19 vaccination card or need proof of vaccination? Please visit MD.MyIR.net and complete the online form to view and print your official vaccination record for free.

For more information about COVID-19 vaccine priority groups and resources, visit covidlink.maryland.gov


An Addiction Program Specialist has been strategically located at the local DSS office to screen Temporary Cash Assistance (TCA) applicants. At the Department of Social Services (DSS) office in Cambridge assessments, referrals, and case management services are provided by our DCAP counselor for parents and children involved with Child Protective Services.

Reports are electronically transmitted from the DSS office to our base location and to the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Administration as needed. Clients are then charged for substance abuse services according to their ability to pay (determined by the State Ability-to-pay Scale), based on their gross family income.

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