The rabies clinic planned for tonight in Church Creek is CANCELLED due to a delayed shipment of needed supplies. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Join Us at THRIVE

Come join us at THRIVE, an after school program aimed at improving self confidence toward healthy lifestyles.

In our 4-week after-school program, children will participate in 60-minute sessions focusing on physical, mental, and nutritional fitness!

Through participation in our program, we hope your child will become more: “Tenacious, Hardworking, Resilient, Independent, Vigorous and Empowered.”

The next session of THRIVE begins Tuesday, April 30, with an open house scheduled for 4-5pm Tuesday, April 23, at Heirloom Athletics, 419 Academy St., Cambridge.

Sessions will be held at Heirloom Athletics from 4-5pm Tuesdays and Thursdays from April 30 to May 23.

Would you like to join us at THRIVE? Please fill out an interest form at: