Health Insurance & Benefits

Medical Assistance for Individuals/Families and Maryland Children’s Health Program

You or members of your family may qualify for Medicaid through Maryland Health Connection to receive free or low-cost health care. Enrollment in Medicaid and the Maryland Children’s Health Program (MCHP) is available any time of year.

How do I apply?

  • Call the Dorchester County Health Department at (410) 901-8168 or visit the office at 3 Cedar Street, Cambridge, MD 21613.
  • Call the Dorchester County Department of Social Services at (410) 901-4100 or visit the office at 2737 Dorchester Square, Cambridge, MD 21613.
  • Call the SEEDCO Connector Entity at 866-492-6057.
  • Apply online at
  • Download the free mobile app, Enroll MHC, and apply through the app.
  • Call Maryland Health Connection at 1-855-642-8572 (TTY: 1-855-642-8573).

Information needed to complete your application includes:

  • Social security number (or document number for legal immigrants)
  • Birth date and general information
  • Employer and income information (W-2 forms, wage and tax statements)
  • Policy numbers for current health insurance
  • This information will be needed for all family members applying for coverage.

Maryland Children’s Health Program (MCHP) Premium  

Maryland Children’s Health Program (MCHP) Premium  

Uninsured children under age 19 may qualify for MCHP Premium if their household income is above the MCHP income guidelines, but is at or below 322% of the federal poverty level for their family size. In 2023, this is about $8,050/month for a family of four. MCHP Premium requires a small monthly premium per family. Effective 2023, the premium is either $65 or $82, depending on your household income.

For questions about your premium payment, please contact the MCHP Premium Unit at (410) 767-6883 or 1-866-269-5576.

To find the income level for your family size, see the MCHP income guidelines.

What is covered by Medical Assistance?

Benefits include:

  • Doctor Visits (well and sick care)
  • Hospital Care
  • Lab Work and Tests
  • Dental Care
  • Vision Care
  • Immunizations (shots)
  • Prescription Medicines
  • Transportation to Medical Appointments
  • Mental Health Services
  • Substance Abuse Treatment

For a full listing of benefits and a comparison of managed care organizations, see the HealthChoice MCO comparison chart​​​.

What is HealthChoice?

HealthChoice is Maryland’s Medicaid managed care program. Most people who qualify for Medicaid are required to enroll in a Managed Care Organization (MCO).

A MCO is a group of doctors, clinics, and other health care providers who work together to take care of HealthChoice members’ health care needs.

MCOs are responsible to provide or arrange for most of your health care services including most pharmacy services.

Some services such as mental health and substance use disorder services and certain drugs are covered by the State and not your MCO. 

It is best to select an MCO that your doctor participates with. If your doctor does not participate in the MCO you select or are assigned to, you will need to choose another primary care doctor (PCP) to oversee your medical care

Please contact us at 410-901-8168 if you need assistance or more information on finding a physician or selecting a Managed Care Organization (MCO).

Administrative Care Coordinator (ACC)

The ACC serves as a local resource for all HealthChoice members. 

The ACC can:

  • Help you understand your HealthChoice benefits and how to access services
  • Explain your MCO choices
  • Help you find a primary care doctor or specialist in your MCO’s network (You can change PCPs at any time.)
  • Help you find a dentist for your child (MCOs are not required to cover dental services for adults.)
  • Help link you to Medicaid transportation services (MCOs are not required to provide transportation.)
  • Help you get your prescriptions filled
  • Explain the health care services you can get out of network and without a referral, like prenatal
  • care (if you already started prenatal care) and family planning services
  • Explain your annual right to change MCOs
  • Explain how to renew your Medicaid benefits through the Maryland Health Connection
  • Explain how to keep your information updated and how to get a new Medicaid card if your card is lost or stolen
  • Help you resolve a billing issue
  • Explain your appeal & grievance rights

Please contact us at (410) 901-8168 if you need help understanding your benefits and how to access services. 

Target populations include children, pregnant and postpartum women, individuals with disabilities (physical, mental or developmental), and homeless individuals. The ACC can help anyone who is eligible for HealthChoice. 

Download our brochure for complete information on these services. 


The local ombudsman acts as an advocate for your health care needs. An ombudsman may contact you when there are complex medical issues involving care coordination with the MCO.

The HealthChoice Program may also request that an ombudsman contact you to ensure that any complaints that you have about your health care or MCO have been resolved.

  • The ombudsman may work with HealthChoice recipients to:
  • Attempt to resolve any dispute by reviewing the decisions with the MCO or the enrollee
  • Work towards resolution by mediation or other dispute resolution techniques
  • Assist the enrollee in negotiating the MCO’s internal grievance process
  • Advocate on behalf of the enrollee throughout the MCO internal grievance and appeals process
  • Refer dispute back to Complaint Resolution Unit at the State for a decision if the dispute is one that cannot be resolved by the local ombudsman’s intervention.
  • Provide education and resources specific to the recipient’s individual needs or medical conditions.

If you need help or have a complaint about your health care, call your local ombudsman at 410-901-8167 or call the HealthChoice Help Line at 800-284-4510.

The ACCU program provides assistance to clients enrolled in Medicaid (not Medicare).

For Medicare related questions or concerns, please call 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227).